Lowden in March

Happy Vernal Equinox!

The days will start getting longer faster. And hopefully, warmer.

I hope everyone learned a few things this weekend on our hike, whether it be about your pack, your gear, tents, stoves, cooking, cleaning, or even yourself.  We will repeat the gear preparation often.

Crew Shirts:
Last call for design ideas!  If you have an idea, sketch it out and get it to Mr. V.  ASAP!!  In a couple weeks, he’ll have options for us to review.

Crew Mascot:
Get any ideas to our crew leader, Aaron. He’s compiling ideas and we’ll vote soon.

You must put your name and crew number on everything,  If there isn’t space for your full name, use your initials.  Let our mess kits be the example.

Keep an eye out for upcoming hikes.  If you are available, it is in your best interest and the crew’s best interest to get out hike.  If you can’t make a weekend’s hike, try to get out on your own.  Miles with your pack on are invaluable.  Don’t be afraid to change how you pack your pack, you may like the result.  

Upcoming Campout:
Get these on your calendar!

  • April 21-23: Hennepin Canal State Trail. Camp at Lock 21 and hike the canal trail.
  • June 8-12: Kettle Moraine State Forest, WI, Hike the Ice Age trail.

Guidebook to Adventure and Preparedness Videos:

  • Speaking of being prepared… (I’m always speaking of being prepared)
  • Everyone should have read and reviewed the Guidebook to Adventure.
  • You should also be reading the information and watching the videos on the Philmont Preparedness Seminar - Philmont Scout Ranch page.
  • For this week, review the following Health Safety & Risk Management topics: Dehydration, Blisters, Heat Related Illness, Acute Mountain Sickness, Ankle and Knee Injuries.
  • On the back of the Guidebook is the Philmont Grace.  Please learn it.  We will say it often,

Have a great week.

Hike On!

Mr C