I guess winter is still hanging around.  Well, we won’t let that dampen our spirits. 

It is hard to believe that in just 4 short months we will be at the Elkhorn trail camp.  Yes, we depart for Philmont in just 117 days.  That may sound like a long time, but it will pass before you know it.

What’s the BSA motto?  Be Prepared. 

Training Campout:

March 17-19: Camp Lowden.  We’ll hike at Lowden State Park.

  • We meet at Hill Middle School at 6pm. Just as we do for every other campout, Class-A uniform shirt, boots, and ready for an adventure.
  • Have your pack set with those things you expect to bring for Philmont.  This is what we will hike with.
  • Watch the weather forecast and bring any additional clothes or gear that you will need to stay safe and warm.  You will not be expected to hike with this additional gear.  We will keep this in the vehicles.
  • For example, I will have my Philmont sleeping bag in my pack.  But I may bring my 0-degree sleeping bag for sleeping.  Same with an extra coat and gloves.
  • Your safety is #1.  Be Prepared!

Guidebook to Adventure and Preparedness Videos:

  • Speaking of being prepared…
  • By now everyone should have read and reviewed the Guidebook to Adventure in your binder and be knowledgeable about the navigation and camping information.
  • You should also be reading the information and watching the videos on the Philmont Preparedness Seminar - Philmont Scout Ranch page.
  • For this week, review the following Basic Backcountry Skills topics: Navigation, Starting the Hike, Hiking Etiquette, and Leave No Trace and watch the “Maps and Navigation” and “How to Use a Map & Compass” videos.

Look for an email from Matthew later this week.  He will be sharing information.  You are expected to read the information and watch the videos.  We will discuss this during our campout.  We are a crew, not a group of individuals wandering around the forest.  We work together, supporting one another.