I hope a little rain this weekend didn’t dampen your fun. 

Crew shirts:

Mr. Vanden Heuvel has received some shirt ideas.  If you have an idea, please get it to Mr. Vanden Heuvel ASAP

Design must have: Troop 81, crew number (710-S), and year (2023); other than that, be creative.

Training Campout:

March 17-19: Camp Lowden.  We’ll hike at Lowden State Park.

  • Permission slips are due to me by the end of the Troop meeting on Thursday, 3/9.

Personal Gear Shakedowns: 

  • We have had to make some small changes to the schedule.  Please review the schedule below.

  • You will receive a reminder email about 4 days before your appointment.

  • We will meet at Mr. Caffarelli’s house: 604 Waterview Ct. Naperville, 60563.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Sunday, March 12, 2023

9:00am - Martin

2:00pm - Matthew

9:45am - John

3:00pm - Open

10:30am - Mr. Hume

4:00pm - Open

11:15am - Aaron Si

12:00pm - Mr. Sierakowski

Preparedness Videos:

  • Philmont has a whole slew of preparedness videos that everyone on the crew should view.  Some of the early topics are more administrative in nature but the videos provide you with insights into how Philmont manages over 15,000 people each year, health and safety, preparedness, gear, meals, and a whole lot more.  Each video is about an hour long and can be stopped, started, and sections skipped. 

  • Everyone should watch these videos to understand more about Philmont operations and what prepared means.

  • Link: Philmont Preparedness Seminar - Philmont Scout Ranch